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Businesses, organisations and STEAMhouse Community members


Business support events, networking opportunities and workshops


Costs vary depending on event


Duration varies depending on event

Supporting your business with STEAM events


We’re constantly holding STEAM events, networking opportunities and workshops to help you achieve your business goals.

We’ve also designed short STEAM courses focusing on creative practices, innovation, and business essentials covering a variety of business support themes and leadership techniques.

You can attend:

STEAM Challenges

Challenge workshops allow you to tap into knowledge and expertise from individuals across various sectors and disciplines to tackle your critical product, service, or social challenges. Hosted within the centre, these workshops give your teams easy access to fresh ideas and testing these with lightweight prototypes. They also incorporate collaborative STEAM methods that help you make sense of problems and find opportunities for solutions in just a few days.


Highly experimental, collaborative workshops encourage participants to think about their products and services in completely new ways, leading to collaborative product or service development. If you have an early-stage product or service idea, and you’re looking for ways to push your thinking or innovation process further, these public events provide the space to do this in a highly collaborative way, with peers from across the creative and commercial sectors.

STEAM Networking

Themed events for like-minded entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized businesses, large corporate organisations, design practitioners and academics looking to connect.

STEAM Workshops

Choose from a wide offering of STEAM business support workshops designed to deliver practical experience and knowledge exchange.

STEAM Presentations

Join presentations, discussions and Q&As from industry experts, thought leaders, innovators, disrupters, academics and peers.

Monthly meet-ups

Attend monthly community meet-ups and discussions with design, tech, creative, and immersive media innovators and leaders.

International STEAM Conference 2021

Learn new approaches and different ways of thinking from experts in different fields and leave feeling inspired to apply STEAM to your business or research.

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Our STEAM events are open to all businesses and organisations, with some exclusive events reserved for STEAMhouse members

Search the STEAMhouse events listings to discover and register for events, networking, workshops and courses to develop your business knowledge, skills and connections.

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